Sunday, August 23, 2009

how bad my trial is,,,

i feel free now,,..

bt i dun noe if i could feel diz when i get ma result=(

i rely upset on my laz paper of d sbp trial-add math

dats ma fvret sbject n im n0t doing my bez on dat paper,,

h0w terrible it is..hurmmh

act, im doing technical error whn im expecting 2 answer ol of d questions in d exam pper even i only need 2 answer a few of them!!

smtymes i w0nder,,am i greedy??

i feel lyke diz whnever im OVERConfident in evry single of exm im taking,,

i olwyz want d bez 4 myself n evry1 around me..n of coz,dats evry1 desire,,,,,

nw,, let d past 2 d past,n g0nna find d future('-')

at least i learnt smthg...=)

lately, i start thinking n wondering if i am qualified 2 frther my stdy abroad n will i g0ing stdy ovseas 4 furthering ma stdy????????

n dats olways running through my head...well, i feel like g0ing abroad bt im scared of d challenge:p

u noe wut i dream oFFFF??????

i wanna stdy smwhere in 4seas0n country n g0ing back 2 msia bringing smtg 4 my fmly..

choc;late mybe??or tshirt frm London??i dun knw, its a kinda satisfaction uh..

its aint ab0ut sh0wing off or wut.,,bt its my pleasure 2 make my fmly proud of me n dats wut i expect since my childhood u seeeeeeeee.....

uh, 2day is a b0ring day......i only sleep 4 d whole day, n i dun even stdy since d laz paper im taking,,
aint about how fast i get there,
aint about wats waiting on d other side..............................
its a climb..

dat ME.......weweewew

1 comment:

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