Friday, September 18, 2009


grop kmia sye yg plek~??>>sume jns org ade..huhuhu
tgk2 kt fs si syazwan 2, tnmpak lak gmbr nih...
cun gk..
mmgla sbb ad aku..wahahahhaa
gle btol lh,,,..


sktnye pale ak ari ni..

ku hnya mampu tdo n tdo lg.

shngge kpleku btmbh saket pula,.


tbantut plak hasratku ingin mnolong bundaku,,

enggak papa kok!!!

mlm ni bisa aja gue bantuin..........btw, td g bli brg2 nk rye,..

mcm nk pgsn gk tgk owg rmi2 nh...

tp, bes gk sbb da lm xtgk owg kt lua.

mn taknye,..sik2 tgk mke yg sm j kt skola..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

i rely dun understand...

i lyke 2 bfriend wif guys frm ma old skul,,
u noe wut??they rely care bout their fren n neva being a backstabber lyke girls did(mostly)
n now, im going 2 tell u bout ma 2 best fren who i introduced u as B n A.
both r rely good 2 me.
they help me alot in all ways.
bt somehow,,
1 day i found out dat A is n0t doin good in his lyfe u c....
he's n0t practising amar ma'aruf n nahi munkar..
n its about too late 2 change him..
though there's a word of wisdom saying,"beter late than never","lyfe begins at 40",n sum any other words,
bt i still holding on d malay princip,"melentur buluh biarlah dr rebungnya".
s0, its too hard 2 make him goin back 2 d right path........
while B, though mny people afraid of him bcoz of his unstable adrenalin, act he's good inside...
i've learnt smtg new....

a Sh0Ck!!!!!

td result trial da kua,,
n my eyes' ab0out going pout of d socket as i 15.
it is an obvious mistake la!!!
dats impossible!!
how can ol d trer2 guys being below me at d rsult??!!
cit!!!i rely dun understand.
n im half-die-sure, there must b a mistake.a rely big mistake!!
bt dun wory,...
as d skul reopen, d result gona b dfrent..
jz wait n c.........................

yahhu....da nk ghaYe!!

bez nye nk rye!!
xtau la np,,
cm bez j raye ta0n neh..><
da laa,,
xtau nk tuleh p r..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

its s0000 cheeeesY!!!


dats not d point,..kikiki;pp

2day my mom cooks ketupat segera wif sum lauk which i dun noe wut bc0z i dun even step on d ktchen floor yet 2day,,huhuhu

i dun get d mo0d 2 do diz n dat,..

ol i mampu is,,..updating my blog which i left abandon...hahahahahahahahaah

act, i hate being scolded by people esp my parents n dats wut i faced juz nW..

oh,, c u then ya,

my mom ask me 2 buat air...


how bad my trial is,,,

i feel free now,,..

bt i dun noe if i could feel diz when i get ma result=(

i rely upset on my laz paper of d sbp trial-add math

dats ma fvret sbject n im n0t doing my bez on dat paper,,

h0w terrible it is..hurmmh

act, im doing technical error whn im expecting 2 answer ol of d questions in d exam pper even i only need 2 answer a few of them!!

smtymes i w0nder,,am i greedy??

i feel lyke diz whnever im OVERConfident in evry single of exm im taking,,

i olwyz want d bez 4 myself n evry1 around me..n of coz,dats evry1 desire,,,,,

nw,, let d past 2 d past,n g0nna find d future('-')

at least i learnt smthg...=)

lately, i start thinking n wondering if i am qualified 2 frther my stdy abroad n will i g0ing stdy ovseas 4 furthering ma stdy????????

n dats olways running through my head...well, i feel like g0ing abroad bt im scared of d challenge:p

u noe wut i dream oFFFF??????

i wanna stdy smwhere in 4seas0n country n g0ing back 2 msia bringing smtg 4 my fmly..

choc;late mybe??or tshirt frm London??i dun knw, its a kinda satisfaction uh..

its aint ab0ut sh0wing off or wut.,,bt its my pleasure 2 make my fmly proud of me n dats wut i expect since my childhood u seeeeeeeee.....

uh, 2day is a b0ring day......i only sleep 4 d whole day, n i dun even stdy since d laz paper im taking,,
aint about how fast i get there,
aint about wats waiting on d other side..............................
its a climb..

dat ME.......weweewew