Thursday, September 17, 2009

i rely dun understand...

i lyke 2 bfriend wif guys frm ma old skul,,
u noe wut??they rely care bout their fren n neva being a backstabber lyke girls did(mostly)
n now, im going 2 tell u bout ma 2 best fren who i introduced u as B n A.
both r rely good 2 me.
they help me alot in all ways.
bt somehow,,
1 day i found out dat A is n0t doin good in his lyfe u c....
he's n0t practising amar ma'aruf n nahi munkar..
n its about too late 2 change him..
though there's a word of wisdom saying,"beter late than never","lyfe begins at 40",n sum any other words,
bt i still holding on d malay princip,"melentur buluh biarlah dr rebungnya".
s0, its too hard 2 make him goin back 2 d right path........
while B, though mny people afraid of him bcoz of his unstable adrenalin, act he's good inside...
i've learnt smtg new....

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